Turn contacts into rewards
by Ecoloop

Simple Steps to Success

Track Your Success

Get a clear view of your progress with Rewards Overview.  Forecast rewards, track active leads and closed deals, all in one convenient dashboard.

Easily Add Leads

Our intuitive interface allows you to quickly input lead details and submitting potential solar energy homes is as simple as a few taps.

Expand Your Network

Share your referral link with your friend to expand your network and grow a team to make a meaningful difference.

Earn Rewards With Your Contacts

Add a new lead manually or import your client list to Loop with one simple click. A local Clean Energy Advocate will get in touch and qualify their property.

Stay in the Loop

Empowering Grass-Roots Advocacy for a Sustainable Future

Share your rewards with your community or preferred non-profit organizations

How it Works

Join the Loop

Step into the world of Loop, the app where your contacts can lead to rewards. Sign up and be a part of a rewarding journey that values every connection.


Seamlessly integrate your contacts into Loop. Whether you’re importing from your list or registering new acquaintances, every contact is a step towards potential earnings.

Get in Touch

Once your contacts are in the Loop, our team takes over. We’ll carefully validate each contact, ensuring they meet our criteria for quality and relevance.

Earn Rewards

The rewards escalate with success! It's our way of thanking you for bringing valuable members into the Loop and changing our communities one house at a time.

Invite Friends

Expand your network within Loop. Invite friends, family, or colleagues to join the app, and watch your network and rewards grow.

Start Using Loop Now

Discover a rewarding experience and make a substantial change in your community.

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